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covid-19 secure

It is especially important to us to keep our customers and ourselves as safe as possible during these uncertain times, while making sure you are still comfortable for us to be working within your home assembling your flatpack furniture in accordance with the government covid-19 secure guidelines set out as follows:


• we will be in contact with you in advance to check that no member of your household is showing any symptoms of coronavirus or self-isolating prior to your assembly. If they are, then your assembly will be rescheduled.


• If we could all observe the 2m distancing rule where possible - this means no handshakes (or hugs) as we greet you or when your assembly is complete.


• at all times we have anti-bacterial gel, wipes & gloves as a standard kit, but we also carry additional personal protective equipment depending on every individual situation.


• we will bring our own towel & soap but require access to hand washing and toilet facilities preferably close to room where we are assembling your flatpack furniture.


• all windows and doors to be open wherever possible to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation, this will also minimise contact with door and window handles.


• all areas that we need to travel through should be as clear as possible to allow ease of movement through these areas.


• we will bring our own food and drink to your assembly, having breaks outside where possible.


• If practical and possible, we would prefer to work in isolation of all members of your household.


• all packaging will be left tidy within the room of assembly for your own disposal.


• on completion of your assembly, we will sanitise and wipe down all assembled items and all contact surfaces.


• the final inspection of your assembly will be carried out with just one member of your household with social distancing and not to exceed 15 mins, there will not be any paperwork or sign off sheet and we will send your final invoice by email.


with all the above in mind, we believe that good communication, social distancing and following the government guidelines are extremely important to us as a business to keep ourselves and our customers safe during covid-19.