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frequently asked questions

flatpackmonkey.com are here to help you, we have listed below our most frequently asked questions: -


q. do you take away the packaging ?

a. sorry, we don't as we are not licensed to dispose of packaging but will flatten all packaging ready for you to recycle.


q. what if I find damaged or missing parts ?

a. if your items are found to be damaged or missing parts when we have unpacked the item,  we will assist you to identify the damaged or missing parts so that you can inform the retailer and we will be happy to reschedule your assembly but we will charge £25.00 if this is the only item to be assembled to cover our costs.


q. do I need to supply anything ?

a. no, all of our assemblers have all the tools they require to carry out the necessary works.


q. do I need to do anything prior to assembly day ?

a. yes, please ensure that the items to be assembled are located in the correct rooms and there is adequate space to carry out your flatpack assembly.


q. how do I pay ? 

a. sorry we don't accept bananas, we accept payment by bank transfer or cash on completion of works and card

   payment will be coming soon.


if you have further questions, please contact us to discuss.